Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hmm guilty?

Alright, so i'm in a much better place this post. Still ancy, and worried, but better! FF doesn't have a for sure O date, and my chart is out of control! I know it's the way i've been temping, and i'm really hoping that didn't throw off anything--that perhaps I have O'd and we DTD the right days! AF is due the week of Nov 1st so i'm trying not to test until then, or maybe even later if I haven't O'd yet. But.......i've got a small dilemma.

As everyone knows, it's Halloween next week. Well, Saturday is the day my state is celebrating it. I'm going to attend a Halloween party with a few friends, and I know there will be alcohol there, and i'm going to want to drink a beer, or two or a mixed drink or something. But, what if I did O and i'm possibly PG then? I would feel hella guilty for my screw up! Or if i'm not, and I don't drink anything just in case, i'd feel like I could of had a bit more fun, and let my worries fly to the wind. Is that selfish of me?

I could test on the 30th, and see what's happens, but I have one test left and i'm trying to save it. (It's a FRER, so I don't want to use it too early and waste it just in case) So i'm kind of in a bind.

And for even making a post about this, I feel extremely selfish. I mean, it's a small sacrifice not to drink, it's not that big of a deal--but at the same time it's the first time i'll get out all month, be around great people, a good atmosphere, and the first drink i've had all month. And I know that even if I just have one beer, it will take a lot of the stress i've been having off of my shoulders, at least for a few hours, and that would be amazing. Arrrrrg!!

Any advice?


  1. Honestly, a drink or two before AF is late, even if you are pregnant, isn't really going to do any harm. I know you'll worry about it, though. Want me to send you a couple IC's? I have a ton ;)

  2. Oh I wish!! That would be amazing ;)!