Monday, November 1, 2010

CYCLE DAY 36. Cannot believe it. Last time my cycle was 38 days, so I guess technically i'm not late yet. What I really hope right now though is that I could get my cycles back to normal. I hated my 'long' 31 day cycles before my loss--and now they've moved up to as long as 38 days? Why must my body still insist on being out of wack? And what's even crazier is the fact that if I counted the day I had the methotrexate injection as CD 1, it was exactly 31 days after that AF came! So not fair anymore!

I mean I don't think i've ever had 'normal' 28 day cycles, but seriously varying from 34-38 days (averaging on 36 days) is seriously getting on my nerves.

On the plus side though, I did have a great Halloween. There were only eight of us there that night, but it was still fun. I probably drank one too many drinks, but I doubt I am PG anyway. Not sure why. Mostly because my cycle and temps were so wacky that it's just taken away all of my hope for the month. Hopefully i'm wrong.

Halloween is the start of the Holidays that don't stop until March for us. Thanksgiving in Nov. Christmas, and New Years in Dec. Kiki's birthday in Jan. Rodney's birthday in Feb. And my birthday in March. Still my favorite time of the year, even though it is holy hell expensive. It's all worth it. Now if only I could get PG, and stop spending money, and extra time on TTC.

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